Creative Growth Web Redesign

Address: 355 24th Street, Oakland 94612

Project Background

To Bay Area creative advocates who believe in providing artistic opportunities for artists of all backgrounds, Creative Growth is a non-profit organization that provides studio spaces and professional opportunities for artists with mental & physical disabilities.

My Contributions
Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Flow

Ryan Toltzman, William Worm, Leina'ala Lau, Nathalie Rodriguez


The current website does not highlight the works of the talented artists even though that is what the organization is sponsoring. This is a non-profit that is funded through donations; unfortunately, it is not easy for the user to be "delighted" to donate on the original site.
It is hard for the user to visualize that this is an art gallery website due to the amount of cluttered information on the site.

Bring User's Attention to Art, Create Calls to Action for Donations, Simplify Art Browsing Experience

User Insights

Alignment with Cause

Before even considering getting involved, the user wants to make sure they feel they agree with the purpose of the organization.

Confidence in Security

Website or other touchpoints should be professional and instill confidence that all sensitive information will be secured.

Confirmation of

Confirmation of donation received and understanding of how resources will go towards Creative Growth's cause.


Clear Purpose

Refine and highlight the core function of the website and the user's call to actions.

Information Architecture

Need to organize the site for easier, more efficient navigation.


Making the donation process enjoyable, but also making the user want to continue to donate.

User Journey

User Insights

Industry Research

Site Analysis
& Low-fi Wireframes

User Testing

Information Hierarchy

Rapid Wireframing

Task Analysis Prototypes

Style Guide

Future Recommendations


Nurture relationship by continuing experience
beyond website visit or donation.


Develop a web store directly within the web domain that follows style guidelines.


Incorporate ambient video to create more engaging & dynamic home page.


Redesign the experience for artist enrollment.